Energy Upgrade California

Get up to $4,500 back:

  • From LA County
  • From your city or county*

*Rebates vary by city, county, and utility provider.

The Independently owned utility companies, County of Los Angeles, Southern California Edison, Southern California Gas Company have formed an alliance to promote energy-efficiency upgrades in existing homes.  Outside of Los Angeles, SDG&E and PG&E are part of the Energy Upgrade California Program.
Homeowners can receive up to $4,500 in rebates based on how efficient they make their home. With a 10% improvement the homeowner gets $1,000 and the more efficient we make the home the more energy rebates the homeowner can get, with a cap of a 45% improvement getting $4,500.

We have been serious about building energy efficient homes for over 30 years, let our experience and depth of knowledge transform you home into a more comfortable, efficient and healthier environment that saves you 45% or more on your energy bills!

We use the latest diagnostic equipment to analyze your whole house for energy, health, safety, economy and sustainability. We have Building Performance Institute certified building analyst doing the initial energy audit and we do the work in house since we own our own insulation installation and removal equipment. By combining all of the needed trades, we save time on scheduling, setting up the house and doing the actual work, which streamlines the whole process. This allows us to pass those savings on to you.

We provide you a detailed cost analysis of your options. From what you can do without spending a dollar utilizing the existing rebate programs to becoming completely “net zero” which is producing as much energy as you use. We are constantly scanning the market for new products that will make your home more comfortable, healthier, and more economical.

After we finish the upgrades we do a secondary Home Energy Audit to document the improvements we have made. There is a third party verification process with all of the work that we do to help assure customer satisfaction.

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