What’s all the fuss about Aeroseal?

The Number One way to save money and improve the comfort of your home is to seal all the leaks in your duct work.  Leaks in duct work heat and cool the empty space in your attic, which cost you extra money and causes uneven air distribution that leads to frustrating hot and cold rooms in your home. Aerosealing will keep conditioned air in the living spaces where you want it and improve the overall comfort of your home.

Why do I keep hearing about Aeroseal?

Aeroseal is a breakthrough duct sealing technology developed at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory with partial funding from the U.S. Department of Energy. In 2012 they won an EBie Award, in 2011 they won “Best New Product” Award from This Old House Magazine. The system has also won the “Best of What’s New” Award from Popular Science Magazine and the “Energy 100” Award from the U.S Department of Energy! They rated the Aeroseal duct sealing process as one of the 23 most beneficial technologies made available to American consumers since the agency’s creation!

What makes it so awesome?

The Aeroseal air duct sealing system used a simple two-step process: Diagnose and Seal. When the Diagnosis is complete you will receive a list of recommendations for saving money, improving your home’s indoor air quality, and improving the overall indoor comfort of your home. Sealing the air duct system in your entire home requires only 4-8 hours. You’ll immediately start saving energy and notice an improvement in your home’s comfort. The Aeroseal duct sealing system effectively seals your home’s ductwork from the inside by using a UL tested and approved sealing material. It’s clean, safe, and you don’t have to rip through your walls and attic to install it, as opposed to traditional duct sealing where ducts are manually wrapped in insulation, taped shut and then walls must be resealed over the ducts.  We are one of the few contractors in Southern California authorized to sell and install this space age product! Call us today and find out how Aeroseal can save you money and make your home more comfortable (714) 259-0700

HealthyHomes4U is part of the Energy Upgrade California Program where homeowners can receive up to $4,500 in rebates based on how efficient they make their home. With just a 10% improvement the homeowner receives a $1,000 rebate. The more efficient the home is made the higher the rebate becomes, with a limit of $4,500 at 45% improvement. These days it pays to make your home energy efficient –literally!