Top 11 Reasons to go Solar!

Where are the TOP 11 benefits of solar/photovoltaic installations?

1. Get the Sun to work for you. Solar energy is renewable! It does not rely on using precious natural resources to generate electricity, instead it uses the steadfast light of the sun. We don’t have to worry about tapping out the sun’s energy, not for a few million years anyway.

2. Go Green.  Most energy sources are dangerous or damaging to the natural environment, Solar panels are environmentally friendly, they do not release toxic chemicals into the air or rely on tapping into natural wildlife areas.

3. Solar panels are built to last. They are very reliable, after installation they become self-sufficient energy generators and generally require very little or no maintenance for the first 1,000 hours of energy production.

4. Shhh! Solar cells don’t make noise while generating energy. Solar energy is the only renewable energy source that is completely silent.

5. Efficiency meets Cost Effectiveness. After the initial cost of the panels and installation there are no monthly bills or fees to keep using it. You won’t have to worry about the ever rising cost of energy from the power company with Solar. Once Solar is installed it will be working for your family without additional cost to you.

6. You can be your own Power Company. Imagine not having to pay those pesky California energy bills in the heat of the summer- not to mention the rest of the year.

7. There is a Solar Panel to meet your Budget. With dozens of varieties of Solar optional available to you, you can chose the system that is right for you and your wallet. From saving money on your hot water heating, to making your house completely self-sufficient and living off-the-grid, we can help you reach your goals!

8. Invest in your home and lower your utilities. In the long run solar will save you money, why not start reaping the benefits sooner rather than later?

9. How much fun would be it to have your utility companies pay you for a change? With a large enough system you can actually make more the energy than your home needs. Many companies would be happy to give you credit for the excess energy you create or even pay you for it!

10. California Rebates and Incentives. There are many programs in California that will help you pay for upgrading your energy system. On average, rebates usually cover 20-30% of the system cost. You may be able to double those rebates in some cities.

11. Solar/Photovoltaic systems are cutting edge technology geared towards your home’s benefit. Solar installations are increasing by an incredible 50% every year and you can be a part of the movement. The more popular Solar technology is becoming the more widely available options there are for you!

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