How we seal your ducts without destroying your walls.

“…What if there was a simple mist that could seal thousands of leaks in 4 to 8 hours, saving a home owner on average $600 to $850 a year on his or her heating and cooling costs? Thanks to a breakthrough technology developed at the Energy Department’s Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, such technology exists. Aeroseal LLC, a start-up that licensed the technology, has now made the technology available to thousands of home owners and business owners concerned with high utility bills and sustainable living.

Aeroseal’s airborne adhesive particles are injected by Aeroseal technicians into a HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) duct system at low cost, low labor requirement and minimal disruption to building occupants. The revolutionary energy efficient technology recently won in the Home Technology category in This Old House magazine’s top 100 Best New Home Products.

“Leaky air ducts are responsible for a huge energy loss problem in America and having the aeroseal solution made available for the first time to many home owners is very exciting to see,” said Thomas Baker, building technology editor for the magazine. Space heating and cooling drive residential energy demand and utility costs — it accounts for 54 percent of a home’s energy consumption.

Before the Aeroseal technology is injected, technicians block furnaces, fans and grilles so that the adhesive particles will be directed towards cracks, leaks, and holes. The technicians then inject the aerosolized vinyl polymer particles, of two to 20 micrometers, into a pressurized duct system. The particles stay suspended in the air stream until they reach the leaks, where they are deposited and build up at the leak edges until the leaks are sealed. Specialized software allows both the technician and customer to view the process in real time.

The real-time software also helps educate customers about the leaks. Aeroseal dealer and business owner Pat Rush, whose Clark & Rush Mechanical employs 80 people in the Sacramento area, praised both the new technology for building his customer base, in addition to the software. He said, “It makes it easier to communicate with the customer when it’s not something you’re grabbing out of thin air.”

Besides sealing ducts in thousands of residences, Aeroseal has been used successfully incommercial buildings across the country. Most notably, it has reduced energy use in HVAC-intensive buildings such as the Cleveland MetroHealth Hospital, university residential buildings in Buffalo, New York and Boston, and casinos and a city center complex in Las Vegas.

Aeroseal technology has won a number of other prestigious awards including the Energy 100 award from the Energy Department and The Best of What’s New award from Popular Science Magazine.

Learn more about the commercialization of Berkeley Lab technologies at the National Laboratory’sTech Transfer site.”

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Air Leaks: Out of sight, Out of mind, Out of pocket


“Air Ducts: Out of Sight, Out of Mind. The unsealed ducts in your attic and crawlspaces lose air, and uninsulated ducts lose heat — wasting energy and money.

Your air ducts are one of the most important systems in your home, and if the ducts are poorly sealed or insulated they are likely contributing to higher energy bills.

Your home’s duct system is a branching network of tubes in the walls, floors, and ceilings; it carries the air from your home’s furnace and central air conditioner to each room. Ducts are made of sheet metal, fiberglass, or other materials.

Ducts that leak heated air into unheated spaces can add hundreds of dollars a year to your heating and cooling bills. Insulating ducts in unconditioned spaces is usually very cost-effective. If you are installing a new duct system, make sure it comes with insulation.

Sealing your ducts to prevent leaks is even more important if the ducts are located in an unconditioned area such as an attic or vented crawlspace. If the supply ducts are leaking, heated or cooled air can be forced out of unsealed joints and lost. In addition, unconditioned air can be drawn into return ducts through unsealed joints.

Although minor duct repairs are easy to make, qualified professionals should seal and insulate ducts in unconditioned spaces to ensure the use of appropriate sealing materials.”

Taken from Energy.Gov website, click here to see the article in its entirety. HealthyHomes4U does not claim ownership to this article or image, but only hopes to propel the knowledge of energy efficiency to the public.

Where to Insulate Your Home


Examples of where to insulate. 1. In unfinished attic spaces, insulate between and over the floor joists to seal off living spaces below. (1A) attic access door 2. In finished attic rooms with or without dormer, insulate (2A) between the studs of “knee” walls, (2B) between the studs and rafters of exterior walls and roof, (2C) and ceilings with cold spaces above. (2D) Extend insulation into joist space to reduce air flows. 3. All exterior walls, including (3A) walls between living spaces and unheated garages, shed roofs, or storage areas; (3B) foundation walls above ground level; (3C) foundation walls in heated basements, full wall either interior or exterior. 4. Floors above cold spaces, such as vented crawl spaces and unheated garages. Also insulate (4A) any portion of the floor in a room that is cantilevered beyond the exterior wall below; (4B) slab floors built directly on the ground; (4C) as an alternative to floor insulation, foundation walls of unvented crawl spaces. (4D) Extend insulation into joist space to reduce air flows. 5. Band joists. 6. Replacement or storm windows and caulk and seal around all windows and doors. Source: Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

Here is a link to a longer article on the benefits of insulation & Where to Insulate Your Home by the Department of Energy.

Top 11 Reasons to go Solar!

Where are the TOP 11 benefits of solar/photovoltaic installations?

1. Get the Sun to work for you. Solar energy is renewable! It does not rely on using precious natural resources to generate electricity, instead it uses the steadfast light of the sun. We don’t have to worry about tapping out the sun’s energy, not for a few million years anyway.

2. Go Green.  Most energy sources are dangerous or damaging to the natural environment, Solar panels are environmentally friendly, they do not release toxic chemicals into the air or rely on tapping into natural wildlife areas.

3. Solar panels are built to last. They are very reliable, after installation they become self-sufficient energy generators and generally require very little or no maintenance for the first 1,000 hours of energy production.

4. Shhh! Solar cells don’t make noise while generating energy. Solar energy is the only renewable energy source that is completely silent.

5. Efficiency meets Cost Effectiveness. After the initial cost of the panels and installation there are no monthly bills or fees to keep using it. You won’t have to worry about the ever rising cost of energy from the power company with Solar. Once Solar is installed it will be working for your family without additional cost to you.

6. You can be your own Power Company. Imagine not having to pay those pesky California energy bills in the heat of the summer- not to mention the rest of the year.

7. There is a Solar Panel to meet your Budget. With dozens of varieties of Solar optional available to you, you can chose the system that is right for you and your wallet. From saving money on your hot water heating, to making your house completely self-sufficient and living off-the-grid, we can help you reach your goals!

8. Invest in your home and lower your utilities. In the long run solar will save you money, why not start reaping the benefits sooner rather than later?

9. How much fun would be it to have your utility companies pay you for a change? With a large enough system you can actually make more the energy than your home needs. Many companies would be happy to give you credit for the excess energy you create or even pay you for it!

10. California Rebates and Incentives. There are many programs in California that will help you pay for upgrading your energy system. On average, rebates usually cover 20-30% of the system cost. You may be able to double those rebates in some cities.

11. Solar/Photovoltaic systems are cutting edge technology geared towards your home’s benefit. Solar installations are increasing by an incredible 50% every year and you can be a part of the movement. The more popular Solar technology is becoming the more widely available options there are for you!

Call us today to find out if your home is a good candidate for Solar Energy and what kind of rebates you qualify for (949) 673-7400

Just Another Reason to Seal Your Ducts with Aeroseal

  • Homeowners ask Aeroseal if duct leakage is a “real” issue. Yes, the facts show American homes use almost 25% of the energy consumed in the United States, with the average household spending $2,000 a year on home energy bills. On average, 30 cents of every $1 spent on heating and cooling disappears into thin air due to leaky ducts. This duct leakage in homes costs consumers $25 billion each year on escaping energy. These leaks also force HVAC systems to work harder and ultimately wear out sooner.
  • Another related issue is duct leaks contribute to poor indoor air quality. Indoor air pollution is an EPA high-priority public risk with levels of pollutants indoors being up to 5 times higher than outdoor levels. According to the EPA, most people spend roughly 90% of their lives indoors. This makes indoor air pollution one of the five most urgent environmental problems facing the US with 1 in 15 Americans having allergies or asthma. In addition, the average home produces twice the greenhouse gases as the average car. In fact, 15% of all greenhouse gases are generated from the energy used in houses nationwide. Another issue to consider is that excess humidity levels can lead to costly repairs for homeowners.
  • A recent study by the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy shows optimizing residential duct work is a top 15 emerging energy saving technology. Until the development of the Aeroseal duct sealing technology, there was no efficient method of sealing remote leaks in HVAC ducts. Call now (714) 259-0700 and find out how much you can start saving on energy cost today!

What’s all the fuss about Aeroseal?

The Number One way to save money and improve the comfort of your home is to seal all the leaks in your duct work.  Leaks in duct work heat and cool the empty space in your attic, which cost you extra money and causes uneven air distribution that leads to frustrating hot and cold rooms in your home. Aerosealing will keep conditioned air in the living spaces where you want it and improve the overall comfort of your home.

Why do I keep hearing about Aeroseal?

Aeroseal is a breakthrough duct sealing technology developed at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory with partial funding from the U.S. Department of Energy. In 2012 they won an EBie Award, in 2011 they won “Best New Product” Award from This Old House Magazine. The system has also won the “Best of What’s New” Award from Popular Science Magazine and the “Energy 100” Award from the U.S Department of Energy! They rated the Aeroseal duct sealing process as one of the 23 most beneficial technologies made available to American consumers since the agency’s creation!

What makes it so awesome?

The Aeroseal air duct sealing system used a simple two-step process: Diagnose and Seal. When the Diagnosis is complete you will receive a list of recommendations for saving money, improving your home’s indoor air quality, and improving the overall indoor comfort of your home. Sealing the air duct system in your entire home requires only 4-8 hours. You’ll immediately start saving energy and notice an improvement in your home’s comfort. The Aeroseal duct sealing system effectively seals your home’s ductwork from the inside by using a UL tested and approved sealing material. It’s clean, safe, and you don’t have to rip through your walls and attic to install it, as opposed to traditional duct sealing where ducts are manually wrapped in insulation, taped shut and then walls must be resealed over the ducts.  We are one of the few contractors in Southern California authorized to sell and install this space age product! Call us today and find out how Aeroseal can save you money and make your home more comfortable (714) 259-0700

HealthyHomes4U is part of the Energy Upgrade California Program where homeowners can receive up to $4,500 in rebates based on how efficient they make their home. With just a 10% improvement the homeowner receives a $1,000 rebate. The more efficient the home is made the higher the rebate becomes, with a limit of $4,500 at 45% improvement. These days it pays to make your home energy efficient –literally!

Use injection foam insulation for your home! Save money on heating and cooling costs.

Improve indoor air quality by insulating & air sealing your home with Injection Foam insulation.Injection foam insulation "InsulSmart"

HealthyHomes4U injected “InsultSmart” interior foam wall insulation saves you money on your energy bills. It also makes your home quieter and more comfortable. Injectable foam insulation seals even the smallest of openings in the walls of your house; which makes it an effective pest barrier.

Fiberglass insulation is not as effective in stopping heat from escaping through the walls of your house. Foam insulation will fill the entire cavity between the wall studs and it will also stop the drafts around your electrical outlets and light switches.

California HealthyHomes4U insulation is the perfect choice for homes or office buildings. Injected foam is optimal for replacing your old insulation or insulating your existing building. California HealthyHomes4U wall insulation offers numerous benefits as well as a simple and quick installation process.

Realize the long-term benefits of installing foam insulation in your home! Our injection foam insulation offers you complete piece of mind with impressive energy efficiency payback and improved indoor air quality. HealthyHomes4U injection foam insulation can be sprayed into walls, ceilings, floors, crawlspaces and attics to reduce energy waste and reduce heating and cooling costs. Our injection foam is an air barrier insulation that creates a healthier, quieter and more energy-efficient home for you and your family.

If you have any questions about injection foam insulation cost or the products we use please call us (714) 259-0700. You can also send us your questions by filling out the form on our Contact Us page.

Energy Upgrade California

Get up to $4,500 back:

  • From LA County
  • From your city or county*

*Rebates vary by city, county, and utility provider.

The Independently owned utility companies, County of Los Angeles, Southern California Edison, Southern California Gas Company have formed an alliance to promote energy-efficiency upgrades in existing homes.  Outside of Los Angeles, SDG&E and PG&E are part of the Energy Upgrade California Program.
Homeowners can receive up to $4,500 in rebates based on how efficient they make their home. With a 10% improvement the homeowner gets $1,000 and the more efficient we make the home the more energy rebates the homeowner can get, with a cap of a 45% improvement getting $4,500.

We have been serious about building energy efficient homes for over 30 years, let our experience and depth of knowledge transform you home into a more comfortable, efficient and healthier environment that saves you 45% or more on your energy bills!

We use the latest diagnostic equipment to analyze your whole house for energy, health, safety, economy and sustainability. We have Building Performance Institute certified building analyst doing the initial energy audit and we do the work in house since we own our own insulation installation and removal equipment. By combining all of the needed trades, we save time on scheduling, setting up the house and doing the actual work, which streamlines the whole process. This allows us to pass those savings on to you.

We provide you a detailed cost analysis of your options. From what you can do without spending a dollar utilizing the existing rebate programs to becoming completely “net zero” which is producing as much energy as you use. We are constantly scanning the market for new products that will make your home more comfortable, healthier, and more economical.

After we finish the upgrades we do a secondary Home Energy Audit to document the improvements we have made. There is a third party verification process with all of the work that we do to help assure customer satisfaction.

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