HealthyHomes4U is a contractor friendly energy consulting company, with over 35 years of construction experience as a general contractor and engineering contractor in the western states.  We speak your language.

We can explain the current codes and provide the necessary paperwork required to pull building permits. We provide consulting services for contractors and owners that wished to be more energy efficient and/or more ecologically minded.

We have recently reduced our contracting division to only provide duct sealing using Aeroseal and injection insulation as we believe these two products are vastly superior to the current products on the market, and there is a lack of qualified contractors to do this work.  This gives us more time to help others with their energy and environmental needs.

As CEAs and HERS Raters, we can provide Title 24 reports, compliance testing, and submittals to most major state and federal programs as a CalCerts Building Performance Contractor. We are one of the few contractors that can rate our own work.  We have performed thousands of energy audits and modeled simple alterations to large factories, providing cost effective solutions to thousands of units along the West Coast.  We strive to get you the maximum incentives and rebates for your time and expenditures.  Our motto is “We squeeze the most green out of every dollar”.  We apply this to every project whether multifamily buildings, homes, or non residential projects.


Hyundai US. Headquarters – Fountain Valley, CAHealthyHomes4U Decreases Hyundai Headquarters Duct Leakage 95 Percent

HealthyHomes4U used Aeroseal technology to reduced leakage from 20% to 1.1% (a 95% reduction) at Hyundai US. Headquarters. The building was weeks away from the scheduled opening date with leakage far above the allowable limit. Alternative duct sealing methods were estimated to exceed the opening date timeline and cost up to $1,000,000. Aeroseal Duct Sealing brought the building to code and allowed Hyundai US to open the Headquarters on schedule at a fraction of the cost of the alternatives.

Bloomington I Intergenerational Housing – Bloomington, CA
Bloomington (1 of 1)

This was a CTCAC project with GreenPointRating and the requirements of being 30% better than the 2008 code and 15% better than the 2013 code and still being an affordable multi-family project.  We performed California Utility Allowance Calculations (CUAC) and reduced the allowances to about 50% of the HUD allowances the city had adopted.  Using passive home technology and high efficiency equipment, we were able to get the cost of heating and air conditioning down to a few dollars a month, $0.81 for heating and $1.68 for air conditioning per month, while preserving the affordability of the project.

Paradise Creek Midrise Podium Apartments – National City, CASan Diego (1 of 1)

Paradise Creek Midrise Podium Apartment Project.  The owner decided with LEED for the GreenRating Program.  We provided Cal Green Compliance, HERS compliance testing and certification, HERS Whole House energy modeling and verification along with CEA certification for tax credit program.

The Palms – Ventura, CA
Palms (1 of 1)

Rehab project seeking tax credits and rebates.  We provided the CEA and HERS requirements necessary to obtain tax credits from CTCAC and get the maximum rebate allowable through the EnergyUpgrade California multi-family rebate program.