Who We Are

We are a building performance based Energy Consultant and Contractor. With over 35 years building experience, building over 30,000 homes in California. Our experience in the building industry gives us the unique ability to understand and meet the needs of developers, contractors, and home owners.

We start by using the latest diagnostic equipment to analyze your property. We consider the state of energy, health, safety, economy and sustainability. After the analysis we will outline a plan to correct potential safety issues and gaps in efficiency and create a detailed cost analysis of your energy upgrade options.

From the lowest cost options utilizing existing rebate programs to installing technology that can create a “net zero” affect (meaning your building produces as much energy as it uses). We work closely with utility companies and local governmental agencies to find and secure every possible rebate and loan program available in your area. From improving indoor air quality to going off-grid we have the know-how and equipment to reach your goals. We constantly scan the market for new products that will make your home, office or apartment more efficient, affordable, and healthy.

After your energy upgrade you will have the pleasure of being more comfortable and healthy while saving money on utility bills and you’ll be doing your part in preserving California’s valuable resources. It’s a win-win for everyone!  Let our experience and depth of knowledge transform your living and working space into a more comfortable, efficient and healthier environment.

Give us a call today (949) 673-7400 and make HealthyHomes4U your Real Estate and Energy Consultant. We will guide you on the path to creating your Energy Efficient Oasis!